Successful Re-Engineering of Solar Rooftop Monitoring System for Green Resources PCL. in Lopburi 1MW

We are excited to announce the successful completion of a comprehensive re-engineering project for the solar rooftop monitoring system at Green Resources PCL., located on the rooftop of a chicken farm in Lopburi. This project involved several enhancements to ensure the highest level of efficiency and reliability in solar energy monitoring.

Advanced Weather Station Installation

A key upgrade in this project was the installation of a new, advanced weather station. This state-of-the-art equipment provides precise and real-time environmental data, crucial for optimizing solar panel performance under varying weather conditions.

Enhanced Protection System

We have significantly improved the existing protection system to safeguard the solar installation against environmental risks and electrical issues. This enhancement ensures longer lifespan and better performance reliability of the solar rooftop system.

Daily Summary Report Notifications via LINE

In an effort to streamline communication and data management, we have implemented a daily summary report system that sends notifications directly to the LINE application. This feature allows for immediate updates and insights, enabling proactive management of the solar system.

New Server and Blue Solar Monitoring Software Implementation

The installation of a new server equipped with our proprietary Blue Solar Monitoring Software has been a major part of this upgrade. This software provides a robust platform for comprehensive monitoring and analysis, connecting seamlessly with Schneider Inverters for optimal data integration.

Renewed DC Power Meter for String Monitoring

To enhance the accuracy and reliability of performance data, we have renewed the DC Power Meter for string monitoring. This upgrade is crucial for detailed monitoring of each string’s performance, which is essential for maintaining overall system efficiency.

This re-engineering project not only boosts the operational capabilities of the solar rooftop at Green Resources PCL. but also sets a new standard for solar energy monitoring in the agricultural sector. We are proud to contribute to the sustainable energy goals of Green Resources PCL. and look forward to continuing our support in their green energy initiatives.

Stay tuned for more updates on our projects and advancements in solar technology!