Successful Implementation of Solar Monitoring System for APM Solar in Payao

We are excited to announce the successful completion of a solar farm monitoring system for APM Solar in Payao. The site had been operating without a monitoring system until O&M engineer K. Nattawat discovered our services and entrusted us with the project.

Project Highlights:

Challenges with Fiber Optic Wiring:

The site presented a unique challenge as the fiber optic wiring was laid without terminals, and the labels on the wires had completely faded. To avoid excessive costs, we hired local fiber technicians in Payao to handle the fiber splicing and signal testing. The job was executed flawlessly, demonstrating our commitment to resourceful and cost-effective solutions.

Installation of a New Weather Station:

Initially, the site lacked a weather station. We installed a new set, but encountered challenges when integrating devices from China and Europe on the same RS-485 BUS. Thanks to our expertise in electronic design, we were able to successfully combine these systems, ensuring efficient and accurate weather monitoring.

Handling Non-English Equipment:

The DC current meter modules in the combiner boxes were imported from China and came without English documentation. Fortunately, one of our skilled engineers is proficient in Chinese, which enabled us to locate the necessary documents online and fully comprehend the Modbus register specifications.

Exceptional Support from O&M Engineer K. Nattawat:

What truly impressed us was the passion and skill of O&M engineer K. Nattawat. Despite working alone, he provided excellent support throughout the project. His proactive approach was highlighted when he swiftly replaced a faulty inverter with a functioning one from another part of the site. This quick thinking minimized energy loss and maximized output, significantly benefiting the site owner.

This project not only showcases our technical capabilities but also highlights our ability to collaborate effectively with on-site personnel to overcome challenges and achieve great results. We are proud to support APM Solar in enhancing their operational efficiency and look forward to future opportunities to innovate and improve.

Suphanburi 5MW Solar Power Plant Monitoring

24th Jun 2017 : Install String Level PV Monitoring System

Blue Solar Solution Co., Ltd. has developed a monitoring system to enhance the efficiency of Operation and Maintenance tasks for Solar Power Plants. A new function has been added to monitor Solar Panel Strings on a map reflecting the actual installation areas.

This allows operators to easily identify the locations of solar panels that require maintenance without having to consult the time-consuming plant schematics.

Moreover, this String Monitoring system also displays abnormalities in the panels through user-friendly graphics, making it easy for users to understand and interpret.