Project Solar Monitoring System Site Saraburi 5MW

17th Jun 2017 : Install String Level PV Monitoring System

Blue Solar Solution Co., Ltd. has been entrusted by Irradiance Solar and Jetion Solar to install a Solar Monitoring System for monitoring the operation of Solar Panels at the string level in a 5MW Solar Power Plant project located in Ban Mo District, Saraburi Province.

Blue Solar Solution has connected 54 Combiner Boxes, allowing for the monitoring of up to 864 PV Strings, which covers more than 17,000 solar panels.

On the installation day, the solar irradiance reached 1,100 W/sq.m. in Saraburi Province, making it an ideal location for Solar Farm development.

If any solar panel in a string is underperforming, it affects the overall performance of the entire string, which consists of up to 20 solar panels. Due to the series connection among the panels, the current flowing through the entire string is uniform and equals the output of the least performing panel.

Therefore, installing a monitoring system capable of delving into the performance at the string level is crucial. It ensures that the invested capital yields the highest possible returns in the future.

At Blue Solar Solution Co., Ltd., we have a team of engineers specialized in monitoring systems. We can provide consultation and assistance in installation, configuration, and design of data connections for various devices to ensure timely project completion.